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Meet some of our movers and shakers. We are real people donating our time to this wonderful movement. We mean to make a difference with as many people as possible.

ABOUT the team

Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning is an educational project, formed by several existing nonprofits and individuals who share the common mission to prevent childhood drowning.  

Team members ensure that the PPCD mission is fulfilled. They are held accountable by the boards of the nonprofits that support the PPCD project. All donations received from this site are accepted by active 501(c)(3) nonprofits, and earmarked for this project.

Meet the team, the decision makers for PPCD.

We are real people donating our time to this important movement.

We mean to make a difference with as many people as possible.


Jenny Bennett is a mother of 4 and a registered nurse from Houston, TX.  As an Emergency Department nurse, she is currently assisting her hospital's trauma department with performance improvement and injury prevention; making drowning prevention a major initiative for 2019.

In the summer of 2016, her 18 month old son drowned in their home backyard pool. Jenny has since discovered many mistakes they had made; lack of barriers, lack of alarms, and the use of a dog door. Some were not so obvious, like fun parent child swim lessons and the inappropriate use of floatation devices (specifically puddle jumpers).


The Bennett family wants to help educate others of these dangers and prevent the devastation of childhood drownings from happening to any other family.  They have since established a chapter of Swim Safe Forever in the Houston area to help provide survival swimming lesson scholarships to families in need.


David Drake

David Drake is a dedicated full time husband and dad of three ISR graduates. He is CCBW at DonateSmarter. David is better with a table saw than a computer and is a CCI specialist. He is determined to help as many charities as possible help improve our world.


Halle is a bilingual (Spanish/English) Chicago Public School teacher and mom if two boys ages 4 and 2. Before teaching, she was an EMT on a 911 ambulance in Houston’s busiest district. Her husband was a firefighter and rescue diver for 12 years in central Mexico before they moved to Chicago. 


On July 6th, 2018, Halle was on a Chicago beach with her family when two young girls were swept out in Lake Michigan by a structural current. Halle assisted on of the girls, recently rescued by an off-duty open water lifeguard, while the other child submerged and passed. Struck by how remarkably preventable the incident was, Halle started a petition pushing the City of Chicago to start a Water Safety Task Force and address the lack of safety precautions for a known hazard on a public park—the water. She serves on the task force and continues to advocate for raised awareness of the real truth about drowning. She is grateful for all the grieving families working so hard for other people’s kids. 


Swim Safe Forever is a non-profit originating from Brevard County Florida and operating a chapter in Brevard County FL, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our mission is to end childhood drowning through education and scholarships for survival type swim lessons. VISIT WEBSITE HERE


Drowning prevention requires layers of protection, but supervision is vital. Designate an adult to be the "Water-Guardian" at all times, even when children are not swimming but have access to water (pool, ocean, lake, stream, river, bucket, etc...)There is NO alternative to supervision when it comes to water safety. VISIT WEBSITE HERE


Make fundraising easier, less expensive and more transparent for charities and accessible and more fun for their donors and corporate sponsors. Most important, give charities an easy way to show donors their impact and help people who want to donate, donate smarter. VISIT WEBSITE HERE

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A very special thank you to for the use of these incredible photos. She doesn't just take photos, she captures moments in time. VISIT WEBSITE HERE

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Thank you to Sarah Savoie who donated her time to jump start the web design for us. We appreciate your help navigating those unfamiliar acronyms like DNS and getting us set up with some articles and with copy writing. She also saved the day, and designed our brochure overnight! Sarah devours books, is a color palette & font enthusiast, painter, crafter and loud laugher.


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