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Sunday Survival Story! 17 year old SAVED with CPR!

This story comes to us from Virginia Beach. A 17 year old drowned on Independence Day at Chic Beach. He was brought back to life with CPR!

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A woman is being called a hero after a near drowning at Chic’s Beach on Independence Day. 

Shortly after noon, complete strangers rallied around a 17-year-old and pulled him from the water unconscious.

Stephanie Tessarzik, a pharmacist was on the beach with her daughter at the time, jumped into action.

“He did not have a heartbeat, he didn’t have a pulse and he was not breathing when they pulled him on to the beach,” said Tessarzik. “I administered CPR and he came to. He was still really disoriented but he had a good pulse and he was responsive.”

Beach police and paramedics arrived just a few minutes later and could be heard saying “he died on the beach, but you saved him.”

10 On Your Side’s Kiahnna Patterson saw the young boy taken away in an ambulance after a quick evaluation. 

First responders called Tessarik a hero.

“It was amazing. His aunt came up and gave me a big hug and it was just the best feeling knowing that I helped save her nephew,” said Tessarzik.

She says she’s not surprised when she looked up and saw more people willing to help her. 

“I think that is the type of support this community has. I wasn’t really surprised by that especially with recent events. I think that this community is just really strong,” she explained.

From the PPCD, we are so grateful that this young man survived drowning and for all of the people involved in his rescue. Once again, CPR has been the difference in life or death for a drowning accident. To find your closest CPR class, please visit

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