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Survival Story Sunday: Asher & the Pool Fence

This is Asher and his buddy.

Asher is an active precocious 12 month old with a curiosity for the water.

Caught scheming: Asher and his little buddy are trying to think of a way past the door locks and the door knob safety covers that mom and dad have installed.

His family installed these doors with locks, alarms, and safety features to ensure he (and his friends) don't reach the pool alone.

But sometimes those layers can fail too. It happens. Maybe someone leaves a door open? Or somehow an alarm is disabled.

So mom and dad secured this pool with a safety fence with a self-latching gate as another layer of protection against drowning.

If your gate is NOT self-latching, then there is a chance that someone may leave the gate open. Please do not take that chance.

This time, the fence & the self-latching gate stopped this little one from gaining access to the pool unattended.

He looks a little bummed....he made it outside. But he is NOT getting to the pool today!

One more life saved! Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children between the ages of 1 and 4! Protect your children with multiple layers of protection.

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