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be  a  PPCD Ambassador

Join the Fight

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PPCD Ambassador.


Are you passionate about Drowning Prevention? Do you want to educate your community? Becoming a PPCD Ambassador is a great way to fulfill that goal! Check out our letter online for a great explanation of what it means to be an ambassador. A short description is below:

Be a PPCD Ambassador: We feel it is important to have educational products that reflect our values. We have created a drowning prevention pamphlet. As an ambassador of PPCD, we ask that you use these pamphlets in your community to raise awareness.  You may take them to local pediatrician offices, hospitals, Maternal-Child units in hospitals, schools, day cares, apartments, set up a table at a community event,  even give them to homeowner’s insurance agents to give to clients, etc.… We don’t want anyone else to say, “I didn’t know”


We have created a fundraising method on Donate Smarter to raise funds for an "ambassador's kit." This kit will equip each ambassador with items you will find useful for educating your community. Items such as: training materials, posters, brochures, a table, a canopy (for outdoor education events), and a PPCD banner.

Visit our project online for fundraising options, and create a Peer to Peer Page to let your friends and family know too!

What is your super power?

What ideas do you have to reach more parents? We feel that we have all been doing the same thing for many years, yet the statistics have not changed in decades. Let’s change this! Join the Fight!

Thank you so much for wanting to be a part of something bigger. We cannot do this without you! We hope to hear from you soon! Please, let us know any questions you may have.


Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning

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