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PPCD Members: Arkansas


Growing up in and around the water my whole life, I understood the importance of water safety from an early age. Swimming and diving competitively lead me to lifeguarding and teaching Red Cross swim lessons. After seeing my young cousin’s infant swim lessons, I realized there was a way to teach babies and young toddlers to swim and survive a fall in the water. That lead me to Oklahoma Swim Academy, where my passion grew even stronger for infant swim. I loved that survival swimming could be so fun but so productive and with purpose. Its such a joy to watch children grow from being timid and shy to outgoing and proficient in the water. I love watching their faces when they master a skill a gain confidence in themselves. I love sharing my love for the water along side teaching life-saving skills. 

When we relocated to Arkansas, I knew I wanted to continue to teach Swim Float Survive so I went back to Oklahoma and got certified in the Swim Float Survive method through the Survival Swim Development Network. I am so excited to share such a gentle approach to survival swimming. Water is everywhere and it only takes seconds for things to go wrong. I want to buy some time and keep as many kids safe as possible 

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