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PPCD Members: Colorado


I am a 65 year old mother of 8, grandmother of 14.  My grandson, Jackson, went into the family pool in 2016 and died July 13, 2016.  He was the light of our life.  He lived a short while after going into the pool.  His parents gave his organs for others to live.  We have learned so much about drowning prevention.  I am an RN and have shared information regarding drowning prevention to help others through my work with pregnant veterans and others in my community.


I am the proud mother of four amazing now adult children and grandmother to six beautiful grandchildren. When my oldest son was still in diapers he fell into an inground jacuzzi. No one heard it happen. My husband was distracted by something outside and I was in the house. I heard our 4-year-old daughter scream that he was in the jacuzzi and I felt my world come crashing down at that very moment. Thankfully, my son was saved that day because of my daughter, but I will never forget the fear I felt in that moment.  My former neighbor lost their child to drowning, a beautiful child I never met, but a child who has touched my heart in more ways than anyone could ever understand.

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