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PPCD Members: Nevada


My name is Lynn Smith from Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am a mother of three and a grandmother of eight.  Two years ago I lost my grandson, Jackson, to a drowning when he was 18-months-old.  What I have learned in this time period has been eye-opening and frankly life-changing.  I want others to hear this strong message of PPCD.  There is a lack of public knowledge about toddler drownings.  Taking precautions and becoming educated will save many lives.  PPCD is here to do just that!


I am an Emergency Physician Assistant and a mom.  In my time as an Emergency PA, I have seen many children come to the ER as victims of drowning.  The loss of a child is a pain no parent should ever feel.  That pain is further compounded when the cause is preventable.  There are ways to stop childhood drowning.  Parents and their children deserve to be educated as much about drowning as they are about other causes of childhood death and injury.

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