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Kristie Kearns

My name is Kristie Kearns, I've been a pediatric ER RN for over 10 years at a level 1 trauma center. I've grown a deep passion for injury prevention over the years; and, sadly, I have seen the tragic consequences of drowning one too many times. I was amazed with the ISR program after putting both of my girls through it and seeing the amazing swimming and floating skills they had at such a young age. I became an instructor in July of 2018 and I am 100% invested in the mission to prevent childhood drownings. 

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Drowning prevention is near and dear to my heart especially since we lost my 2.5 year old in a drowning accident. I have lived in Massachusetts all of my life. I have a bachelors in Psychology as well as Business Management and a Masters in Business Management.  I am a people person and love being a mom to our five girls one being an angel baby and wife to my husband Tim Roberge. One of my long life dreams has been to do something that helps and makes a positive impact on people.

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