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PPCD Members:



In October of 2007, my father sent me the video of Miles, the toddler in the blue cotton jumper that falls into the water and then rolls back to float, and maintains his float for five minutes, fully clothed. I was absolutely amazed that a 14 month old child could save himself from drowning.

Having a backyard pond and a 2 year old that couldn't swim lead me directly to the ISR national website. At the time, I noticed there were no ISR Instructors in Michigan and the nearest Instructor was in Ohio.  Seeing a need for this important program in Michigan, I began to research becoming an ISR instructor. In April of 2008, I became the first Certified ISR Instructors in Michigan. In May of 2012 I became a Master Instructor. This allows me to teach other instructors, and special needs student, thus reaching more children. In September of 2018 I've been asked to start my training as a Senior Master Instructor.


Hi! My name is Katrina and I along with my husband and 2 partners began a non-profit in honor of our daughter Temperance in south east Michigan. Our daughter went to heaven in a backyard swimming pool July 9th 2016 at the age of 4, 16 day before her 5th birthday. We aim to educate our communities and make ISR available and more affordable to local families. Erin one of our founders is leaving to become ISR certified November 19th and we continue to fundraise for educational materials and to create scholarships to help offset the cost to families seeking ISR lessons for their children. We would love to join in your efforts to end childhood drowning so that not one more family knows this heartache.


I have been an advocate for water safety every since losing my first born child, Brandon James Schmidt on August 15th, 2018 in Lake Michigan. After going there myself, I realized there was absolutely no signs, safety information, or equipment available along Lake Michigan. Soon, I would learn, in the worst way, our Lake was taking too many lives each year! I shared my son’s story with the media, at Township meetings, and partnered with the Great Lakes Surf And Rescue Project, ultimately getting updated safety measures at that location. They installed safety signage, a life ring, and a plaque in Brandon’s honor. Recently, I have partnered with Chicago Alliance of Waterfront Safety to try and build uniform policy and programming across the Great Lakes region. I want every parent to have the tools they need to protect their kids! I am looking forward to connecting with any other Michigan families ready to end this drowning crisis.

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