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PPCD Members: Ohio


She was 3 years old when she attended our local community pool as I dropped her off that morning to be with her older sister who was attending swim lessons. We were told that Kelsey could not start swim lessons until the age of 5. We believed that was just the way it was as these people were the experts. However, 45 minutes after I dropped her off at the pool that morning of June 15, 1993 she had waved goodbye and said that she loved me. It was the last time I ever would see my daughter alive. You see she drowned 8 feet away from a lifeguard while in the care of her babysitter. I was one of those parents that had the inground pool in the backyard and believed I did everything that was right. We used those blowup water wings in our pool, but she wasn’t allowed to use them at the public pool. What we now have learned and know to be true is that this just doesn’t happen to other people it can happen to anyone. I created to focus on messaging and now have a worldwide ranked podcast. There’s a new Warrior in the world and that is you. You are a new breed of people that we call Drowning Warriors. We have a voice for those who do not. For those who have a voice we provide a platform to project that voice and tell their story. What we know can and does save lives. We wage war everyday with people that just don’t believe that it can happen to them, but it happens every day. We must do things differently, we take massive action as a team, we must be smarter, and we must be effective with our message from day 1. Drowning doesn’t discriminate, it has no boundaries, it is silent, it hits when you least expect it. So, we fight every day to be heard, to get our message out to the masses. We are the Drowning Warriors, and these are our stories.

Thank you,


I have been a Physical Therapist for 15 years and became an ISR instructor in December 2017.  I have three boys, ages 9,7 and 5, who have all been ISR trained from 8 months old-15 months old for their initial lessons, and return every year for refreshers.  I'm one of only 3 instructors in the Central Ohio area, and we are trying to reach as many children as we can to make them safe in and near water.


My name is Jayne Ackerman, Owner of Infant Aquatics® 614.  I trained with the founder of Infant Aquatics® in Longmont, CO in the fall of 2017.  I am now a certified Infant Aquatic Survival Specialist with over 150 hours of training and many more hours of independent teaching.  I have more than 10 years of professional experience teaching "traditional" swimming lessons and 9 years of coaching experience. I am certified in first-aid, CPR, water safety instruction, lifeguarding, lifeguarding instruction, & pool operation. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Ohio Wesleyan University.

I have dedicated myself to teaching infants, children, and adults how to enjoy the water safely. Infant Aquatics® 614 has been operating since January 2018 and I have loved every moment of it.  Teaching infants how to do these life-saving skills still amazes me everyday.  Survival skills are the building blocks for future recreational, competitive, and fitness swimming so positive lifelong habits are formed in lessons.  It is never too early or too late to start learning these aquatic skills, that save countless individuals every year.



My name is Michelle Fox and I created the Because of Logan charity after the tragic drowning of our daughter Logan who was 2 and a half at the time. My husband and I had a dear friend of ours over to watch our 3 younger children while we attended an award ceremony for our oldest daughter at school when we got the worst call any parent can receive. Our sweet, wild and fearless baby girl had fallen into our backyard pond and was found unresponsive. I do not know all of the details that led up to that phone call but what I do know is that our daughter went to heaven the next morning. Out of our pain, we chose to start the Because of Logan charity to honor her life through swim safety awareness, education, training and support of families who have endured a loss through childhood drowning. We raise funds for ISR scholarships to help families afford theses amazing life saving lessons. #BecauseofLogan #Isaiah43:2

facebook: Because of Logan

Instagram: because_of_logan

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