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PPCD Members: Oklahoma


I am the owner/instructor of Ready, Set, Float! I have been happily married to my husband Jared for 9 years. We have 4 kids, Jaciee, Jaliee, Tyson and Tynlie.

After Tyson made a full recovery from his near death drowning accident when he was 3 years old (read his story here), I realized how important survival swim lessons were and that drownings can happen to anyone. It does not pick and choose.

I had to do my part in educating and bringing awareness to drownings after my own sons accident. In 2017, I became the first Infant Aquatics instructor in Oklahoma and teach in NE-OK.

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My name is Megan Peacock. I am mom to Abner, 7 and Cohen, 5. Prior to having children I was a Pediatric ICU nurse at OU Children’s Hospital and that is where my passion for water safety began. Too often, during the summers, I witnessed tragic deaths and injuries related to swimming pools, lakes and ponds. I knew when I had kids, that teaching them how to survive in the water was just as important as the car seat we chose. We began survival swim lessons with my oldest when he was 14 months and started my youngest at 8 months.

Although I am no longer working in the hospital, I have continued my work as a nurse on the prevention side of injuries and have made it my mission in motherhood to educate others on water safety and drowning prevention. In October of 2019 I was offered a position within the swim school we attend and now serve as their Parent Ambassador and Water Safety Advisor. I am grateful to Oklahoma Swim Academy for giving me the opportunity to
reach more families within our community.

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