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Sunday's Survival Story: Mom shares story of near death drowning experience.

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

June 2019 an Indiana mother and her 5 year old son were at a pool party. The pool was surrounded by adults. The mother assumed since there were a lot of adults, her son would be fine. Needless to say, that was not the case. Click link below for the full story:

Story by: Kelly McCarthy Good Morning America

We at PPCD are thankful for this child's recovery and to be able to share his story. Designating a water-watcher during pool parties can prevent this scenario from happening to you.

Sometimes when there are more people around, everyone assumes that everyone else is watching the pool and people let down their guard. Prevent this from happening by designing a water-watcher. Take shifts, with responsible adults, no distractions and constantly scan the pool for children in distress.

Drowning does not look like it does on TV. There is no splashing or yelling for help. Drowning is fast and silent.

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