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Sunday Survival Story

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

On Thanksgiving Day 2018, the Vengoechea Family was relaxing poolside watching their two year old son riding his toy car around the backyard. Without any warning and in an instant, this young boy finds himself in the water and underneath his car. His Grandmother and Aunt jumped up to grab him but his father, a firefighter and paramedic, is telling them to give his son a moment to use the survival swimming skills he had been practicing since he was 13 months old. In less then three-seconds he gets out from underneath the car and swims up to get a breath before continuing to swim to the wall. The relief and pride the boy and his family felt in that moment is clear. Brian and Ayanai Vengoechea enrolled their son in ISR lessons when he was 13 months old and continued practicing with him and gave him regular refresher lessons. Today their son is super confident in the water and ocean, loves diving down for toys and can rock his float when he needs to rest. Survival swimming skills saves lives!

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