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Sunday Survival Story! 20 month old saves herself! Parents credit survival swim lessons

COUNTY, Fla. — It’s one of the biggest fears for parents who own a swimming pool — their child drowning.

But 20-month-old Lola Schafer saved her own life when getting into a dire situation at her parents’ pool.

Thanks to preventative drowning swim lessons Lola took at Aqua Journeys Swim School in Ormond Beach, the toddler gained the survival instincts to save herself in a high-pressure situation.

Instructor Tara Smith wrote," Recently, one of our students had an incident at their home pool. Lola, a child under 2 years of age, was found by her father floating on her back in their pool just seconds after she had walked out of sight and fallen in to her backyard pool. At the time, both parents were in the backyard with her and had only taken their eyes off of her for a few seconds. Due to her survival lessons, Lola knew how to roll over and float on her back until her father located her and rescued her from the water.“

We at the PPCD are so grateful that this child had the skills to save herself when she needed to. Thank you to her family, instructor and local news for sharing this story.

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