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Sunday Survival Story: A Twist

How can children survive an aquatic emergency? Well, this is the question that experts and parents have been asking for decades. This is the question that drives many nonprofits, parents, and organizations. There is even an entire industry revolving around "drowning prevention."

There are multiple stages of drowning prevention too.

1) Completely preventative in nature: Constant supervision, wearing water watcher badges, pool alarms, personal water immersion alarms, pool fences, removing pet doors.

2) Responding during the emergency: Skilling the child. This is the concept of providing your child with the skills necessary for them to rescue themselves should the first preventative layers fail. Which they may.

3) If all these steps fail: CPR & initiating the Emergency Response System. Your ability to respond quickly and appropriately to this emergency may be the last chance your child has to survive.

What can you do?

Are you asking this question? How can I save a life? Think of the starfish on the beach story. (If you don't know it, click the link) The boy knew that he could make a difference, one starfish at a time.

"The boy bent down, picked up yet another starfish and threw it as far as he could into the ocean. Then he turned, smiled and said, “It made a difference to that one!”

You can make a difference, you can save a child's life, one child at a time. Together, we can reach more children if there are more voices proclaiming the same message to a new audience, rather than shouting to each other stuck in an "echo chamber."

Do you want to play the role of the little boy in the starfish story, and be a part of a child's survival story? Visit our page, and click on the PPCD Drowning Prevention Brochure. This pamphlet was written with the intention of creating a conversation between the health care provider and their patient, between a parent and a friend, between family members.

PPCD is exactly what our name states. We are Parents and our goal is to Prevent Childhood Drowning. Will you pledge to share this information? Are you able to distribute brochures in your area? Let us know via email, and we will help you be a part of the solution.

You can save a child.... one at a time, and it matters to each child, and it matters to every person that child is connected to.

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