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Sunday Survival Story! Drowning Survivor Reunited with Rescuer

Near drowning survivor, family reunited with rescuers

TUCSON – A Maricopa child who nearly drowned was reunited with her rescuer on Thursday.

On Friday, Sept. 27, Maricopa Fire Medical Department crews responded to a report of a pediatric drowning.

“A near-drowning starts off with a special tone when dispatched,” Joel Wainwright said. “When you hear that tone, you don’t want it to be your crew. That morning, it was us.”

On scene, crews found an adult babysitter performing CPR on an 18-month-old child, Kate Jump.

“Pulling into the street and seeing all those first responders for my girl was heart-wrenching,” Kate’s mother, Janean Jump said.

Kate was unresponsive after being pulled from the pool. Crews provided advanced life support to resuscitate her.

“Luckily, there was a small bubble that I kind of noticed when I was listening,” Wainwright said. “A lot of water started flowing out of her mouth and out of her nose and a gasp of air she was finally able to take.”

The child was transported to Cardon’s Children’s Hospital in Mesa, where she was admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit.

Just two days later, Kate was released from the hospital with no known deficits.

“We don’t forget any of these situations,” Wainwright said. “To be able to have this one stuck in our mind with a good outcome, it’s special.”

Thursday morning, the family wanted to take the opportunity to reunite with the crews that saved their daughter’s life.

“We were not certain if she was going to survive it or not, and so for us it was a real emotional high and got word that she was taken out of the ICU,” Captain Chazz Dupree said. “That made us feel really, really good because at that point, we were saying, ‘Hey this could have turned out really, really bad, but the stars aligned and she was able to survive it.’”

The Maricopa County Fire Medical Department says this is an incredible opportunity to acknowledge the benefits of the ABC’s of water safety and drowning prevention.

A – Active adult supervision B – Barriers C – Classes – Including C.P.R. and swim classes. C also stands for Coast Guard-approved life vests

Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning is happy to share this survival story and very grateful the little girl survived. Fortunately, the babysitter knew and performed CPR and the paramedics were able to performed advanced CPR and get child the medical attention she needed. We are thankful to the family for sharing this story to raise awareness. Thank you to the Maricopa County Fire Department for sharing the importance of implementing layers of protection to prevent drownings.

For more information on how to implement layers of protection for your family, please visit

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