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Sunday Survival Story: Swim Near a Lifeguard!

Always swim in an area that is protected by Lifeguards! Why? You never know when you will need a hand...or CPR. Lifeguards are trained professionals, highly skilled, and psychically prepared for the demands of a challenging ocean rescue.

"A dramatic rescue for Hallandale Beach Ocean Rescue [HBOR], today! A woman was pulled from the surf, after suffering a massive heart attack.

She was immediately set up for CPR, when it was assessed that she had no pulse and no breathing. The crew involved in the rescue scenario were able to insert a King Airway device, suction the victim's mouth and throat, administer Epinephrine, and perform 10 minutes of oxygen-assisted CPR.

The woman made a miraculous full recovery, thanks the brave, well-trained lifeguards of HBOR!"

"Congratulations and kudos go out to:

Daniel Brown (EMT) Stephanie Furhman (EMT) Istvan Csendes (Paramedic) Lester Caballero (Paramedic) Yuri DeArmas (EMT) Emiliano Denapoli (EMT)"

(Thank you Jim McCrady for sharing the news of this rescue)

We are grateful that this woman survived.

Some common dangers present in the ocean: stinging wildlife (jelly fish and man-o-war), rip currents, large waves, unexpected health emergencies.

And if you don't quite understand how dangerous it is to rescue a drowning victim without the proper training, what this video published by the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project on YouTube "Signs of Drowning Compilation" A drowning victim is panicking, and they can....and will, pull you down to climb on top of you and grab a breath. Lifeguards are trained on how to approach a victim, and how to escape their grasp and complete the rescue.

Share this information with someone you know and love. Let's be safe out there!

And thank a Lifeguard!

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Nov 28, 2018

Life Guards are amazing!

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