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Sunday Survival Story! Teens Save Girl Drowning at Water Park!

The five heroic teenagers will be honored at the Wasco City Hall meeting next week

By Ashley Boucher August 29, 2019 06:20 PM, People Magazine

A day of summer fun could have turned into a day of tragedy if it weren’t for a group of heroic teenagers in Clovis, California.

The teenagers are part of the Wasco Sheriff’s activities league in Kern County, and banded together when they realized another girl was struggling in the wave pool at the Wild Waters Adventure Park last weekend, ABC23 reported Wednesday.

Upon hearing the girl’s calls for help, the group of five immediately took action and held the girl above water until she could be taken out of the water by lifeguards, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook.

“We appreciate their selflessness and heroism to rescue another in need,” the Sheriff’s Office said in the post.

The teens in the group said that their reaction came down to instinct, and also had to do with what they learn in the activities league.

“I don’t know if it was just like an instinct I had or we had,” said Hailey Medrano. “We turned around, and she was like drowning.”

“I feel like all of us, our families taught us to be kind and care for each other and no matter who is in danger, if we think we can do it, at least try to help out,” added another teen in the group, Jaime Fernandez.

The other kids in the group include Leila Adams, Hailey Adams and Monique Rodriguez, according to the KCSO.

The young heroes will be honored at the Wasco City Hall meeting next Tuesday.

“I’m very proud of what they did,” said the group’s program coordinator, Deputy Patrick Basquez, to ABC23. “It wasn’t really a surprise because I knew if something were to come up like that that they would be quick to react.”

The PPCD is so happy to share this incredible story of humanity in action. It's wonderful to hear about how these teens helped this child out! This story also highlights how important supervision is in preventing drownings. Wave pools can be especially dangerous for children and parents must be vigilant and within arms reach of their young ones.

For more information about how you can keep your family safe around the water, please visit

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