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The Dangers of "Doggie" Doors

Last night while visiting a friend, my daughter Josie attempted to chase a cat through the "doggie" door. In light of a recent local drowning where the child crawled through one and fell into the pool I felt compelled to share because although I was aware of the dangers these doors impose my friend was not. She said she would have never thought of that so I felt I needed to write about it.

Children are curious and they are quick and sneaky. These accidents happen to some very amazing and attentive parents. It is physically impossible to watch your child 24/7 so the only way to keep your child safe is through the layers of protection:

1. Adult Supervision 2. Doors/Windows locked and alarmed 3. Remove or lock all pet doors 4. Pool fence - this is a MUST if you have small children 5. Self-Rescue swim lessons 6. Learn CPR

PLEASE do not have the mindset that this can’t happen to my family because I am here to say yes it can! We lost our sweet boy Jake on 11/30/13 to a drowning accident forever changing our lives. You need to prepare for a drowning accident like you prepare for a car accident with a proper car seat, a fall from a bike with a helmet or preventing disease by immunizations.

Jake Roarke Morrison 1/10/11 - 11/30/13

Please share and help us END the NUMBER ONE cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. TOGETHER we can make a difference!

Written by Keri Morrison. Mother, Founder of Live Like Jake and Co-Founder of PPCD.

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