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The Layers

of protection

We are providing this page as a source of information for parents. This page will contain tools that parents can implement to establish the appropriate layers of protection needed to prevent drowning. We do not receive reimbursement for listing products on this page. We also do not feel that one layer is enough to protect your child from drowning. Please enlist as many layers as possible.

"AI Based Drowning Detection System"

This system is designed to be your always on, always working layer of protection. The beauty of this device is that you never need to turn it off. When you use your pool, the device will sound to alert that there is a person in the pool detected. But you do not have to turn off the device making this great during parties and events, and drownings do occur in these scenarios as well. The device also has a feature that alerts to lack of movement, this will sound the alert of a possible drowning. View their website for more information.

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Safety Turtle 2.0 is a personal water immersion alarm. This type of alarm is worn by your child on their wrist. The "bracelet" holds the turtle shaped sensor. When the sensor gets wet, a very loud alarm will sound from the base unit. This is a very sensitive sensor, and we (PPCD) have personally tested it. Ensure the base unit is within 200 ft of the water source for range to be effective. This is a great option for families who travel as well, you can bring to a friends house or while visiting family members.

Your children deserve the strongest, safest swimming pool fence in production. Life Saver’s child pool safety fence will stand up to both the toughest conditions and the test of time.

Do you know how to select the correct Lifejacket for your child? What water activity do you need the PFD for? And how do you ensure the Lifejacket fits your child? Check out these two articles for the answers:

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