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PPCD Members: west Virginia


Hi, my name is Heather Babcock.  I am wife to Josh, evil step-mom to Carissa and Jasmine, and mom to Callie.  I live in Mount Clare, West Virginia where I work as a Latent Fingerprint Specialist and teach acro dance classes.  On August 28th, 2015, my family received the worst call of our lives.  Carissa was missing while swimming in a river in Maine.  Her body was recovered the next morning.  Carissa was our family’s Rock Star and we knew her story could not end in such a dark way.  We keep her light shining through our non-profit in her memory, Carissa’s Caution, which teaches children and their family how to find safe places to swim in natural bodies of water by using Carissa’s name to follow seven steps.  Check the area beforehand.  Acknowledge nature.  Raise red flags.  Identify a water guardian.  Set boundaries.  Swim within arm’s reach of a responsible adult.  Always swim safely!

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