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  • Heather Murray

Parents Preventing Childhood Drownings presents Sunday Survival Stories: Cold Water

Every Sunday, we will share a story of a non-fatal drowning, discuss where things went wrong, and give some pointers on how to prevent it from happening to the people you love. Thankfully, these stories have happy endings for those involved, but sadly, we lose too many people to drowning every year. We hope examining these real-life stories help put the dangers of water into perspective and help you introduce various principles of water safety to your family!

Today’s story features a heroic rescue completed by some construction divers, who were luckily working near the water as a tragedy could have occurred. However, these brave men had the experience and knowledge needed to prevent a drowning from happening.

While reading this article, I was really struck by how many times life preserver was mentioned. These men are used to being in the water, sometimes very dangerous and actively moving water. Yet known of them felt too brave or too strong or too anything like that. They all instinctively grabbed their life preserver and went into action. This is an attitude we need to try to get out to the general public as well.

There was also mention of cold water effects on a body and potential for hypothermia. Since we are in the time frame for colder weather, this is very important to take a moment and discuss with your loved ones. To find out more information, visit This has great information from Boat U.S. Foundation!

Everyone can and should use life preservers. Have fun, be safe, and learn about the effects of cold water!

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