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Saying ‘Yes’ to Having a Backyard Pool

A backyard pool is a dream for kids and grown-ups alike. Nothing feels more refreshing on a hot summer day than a dunk in the water. And if you don’t have to drive to a public pool for that luxury, even better.

A pool can be a great place to entertain with friends and family because, let’s face it, when you’ve got a pool, your home becomes everyone’s favorite place to be.

But with a backyard pool, you also assume a great deal of responsibility for everyone’s safety, especially the safety of children. Parents Preventing Childhood Drowning is a drowning prevention educational project with a focus on ensuring all parents know how to protect their children from drowning. Through ambassadors and collaboration of nonprofit organizations across the globe, we aim to prevent drownings through awareness and education.

A Pool as Great Exercise

Swimming is a full-body workout. It’s great cardiovascular exercise, helping to lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and type 2 diabetes while it burns calories. It builds muscle strength since the water provides resistance while being kind to people with arthritis. This is because the buoyancy of the water takes stress off the joints. It also improves lung function, which helps oxygenate your cells.

And swimming even improves your mood. Swimming releases endorphins, our body’s feel-good hormones that reduce stress and anxiety and increase our sense of well-being. The repetitive movements of swimming can clear your mind, allowing you to think more clearly, and improving concentration and focus while the sense of weightlessness and buoyancy helps rid you of physical tension.

Installing the Pool

Before you can begin your project, you’ll need to obtain the necessary permits. You can expect inspectors to show up periodically during the different stages to inspect the construction. Your pool contractor will need to stay informed of their inspections ahead of time to be present and answer any questions.

Deciding where your pool will be located is an important consideration. Most people want to place their pool near the house for reasons like access to bathrooms and changing areas. You may also want it near your house if you’re planning to entertain guests so that you can bring in food and drinks from your kitchen.

Last but not least, installing a safety fence around your swimming pool is an essential part of making sure it is safe and secure. A pool fence keeps children, pets and wildlife out, while providing peace of mind to those who use the pool. Safety fences come in various shapes, sizes and colors and can be customized to match your landscape. They are easy to install with minimal effort, and help ensure your pool remains a safe oasis for friends and family members. Safety fences should be installed according to local laws and regulations as they are designed to protect people of all ages from accidents.

Remember that construction will not only mean the destruction of any landscaping you have in that area but the access points to it as well. Trucks and other construction vehicles will need an access point which will mean clearing a path from the road to the site. Know where buried utility lines are, and consider the slope of the land and possible low-lying areas prone to flooding.

Added Value to Your Home

There are many ways that a pool can add value to your home. A well-designed and maintained pool makes your house look more beautiful, increasing its curb appeal.

If you’re in an area where many homes have pools, like in Florida or Arizona, having a pool allows you to compete with other homes on the market when it’s time to sell.

A pool increases the amount of living space in your home since it (and your surrounding area of patio or deck) is considered outdoor living space.

As with all home improvements, it’s important to keep all your documents and receipts related to the installation of your pool. You will also want to take before and after photos. These will help you to help quantify your home’s increase in value.

Having a backyard pool has so many benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are adding them to their homes. By ensuring that all children using the pool are taught how to swim or to prevent themselves from drowning and having important safety features in place to prevent a child from entering the pool unattended, it can be great fun for any family.

Guest article by Alex Robbins

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