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Sunday Survival Story! Tragedy in the water prevented!

This story comes from one of our partners in this mission to end childhood drownings, the Life Saver Pool Fence Company. One of their clients sent this awesome example of how implementing layers of protection worked to keep their grandchild alive!

Many accidental fall ins occur when we are not planning to swim and don't even realize the kids are outside. They happen when we're preoccupied and believe they are in their room or someplace safe. It happens when they wander off so quickly and quietly, like this boy probably did.

Children are attracted to water. They are smart, persistent, strong, and determined to get what they want. Fortunately, in this case, these grandparents protected him by having their pool fenced and locked. Pool fences save lives!

Drowning is the leading cause of death for America's children ages four and under. Layers of protection are the solution. Pool fences are an huge part of a layers of protection strategy! For more information on layers of protection, please visit our site at .

Special thanks to Life Saver Pool Fence Company. For more info on getting your pool fenced, please visit .

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